Photo engraving

Would you like a special, unique love lock? We provide a globally unique method of photo engraving. This picture engraved lock is about you only and it stands out from the other ones on the lock wall.

Photo engraving is the result of our long experimenting. There are a few important things to know about photo engraving. The picture must be sharp, blurry pictures don’t lead to a good result. You can see some examples below which pictures are suitable for engraving and which aren’t.



Picture guide

These are the most important factors when choosing a picture:

FactorNot goodGood
Sharpness The picture can’t blurry  
Contrast Appropriate light and shadow contrast, detailed picture
Resolution At least 1280×1024 pixel  
Portrait Picture should be a close-up of the couple’s faces. Distant faces and details won’t be noticeable.  

How to order locks with photos?

  1. Go to our Online Designer
  2. Upload your photo with the upload button
  3. Add the finished lovelock to your cart
  4. Go to checkout, make a payment

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